5 Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 4 Weeks

With these 5 simple exercises, you will get your dream belly in just 4 weeks without significant efforts and exhausting training. All you have to do is find only 5 minutes in your busy schedule.

Almost every woman dreams about a flat and well-shaped belly, which she can proudly show off on the beach. Well, let’s be honest – men also secretly dream of losing that annoying fat around their waists. How to get that, you might ask. The answer is simpler than you think. With these five simple exercises, you will get your dream belly in just four weeks without significant efforts and exhausting training.

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Plank 0:54
Left-Side Plank 1:49
Backwards push-ups 2:35
Right-side Plank 3:13
Sit-ups 4:05
Week 1 4:59
Week 2 5:10
Week 3 5:26
Week 4 5:40

– Plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning. It strengthens your abs, works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance.
– Left-side plank makes your abdominal side muscles stronger and keeps your waist thin.
– Increase the exercise intensity every week, and you will get the belly of your dream in just a month time.
– Keep performing this set of exercises and watch your belly getting flatter every day.

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20 thoughts on “5 Exercises to Get a Flat Belly in Just 4 Weeks”
  1. You promised "belly of your dreams in 4 weeks"
    Very unrealistic for someone with lots of chunk.

  2. im starting my weight loss Journey for hot girl summer. hopefully i’ll be able to have a slimmer stomach so i can wear a Bikini to the beach lol i’ll try to update but idek if i’ll be able to keep up. wish me luck!

  3. Im gonna do this everyday and with three sets, ill try update soon!!!
    Day 1- done
    Day 2 – done side planks are hard
    Day 3-

  4. Him: pIeCe Of CaKe!

    Me: shaking like crazy and falling cuz I can’t balance on my tiny hands

  5. Lockdown weight gain sent me here. I can't believe how much weight I've gained since lockdown. I'm starting this exercise today, I'll come back to give update after a week. I'll make sure I'm consistent and also reduce junk food. Wish me luck

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