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9 Proven Ways To Flatten Your Stomach

Do we drink lots of water? How does improving my posture help anything? Wait, I’ve heard of planking, but that’s an exercise move? We’re talking all of that AND more!

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1. Planking: It’s done by laying flat on your stomach, then holding yourself up by your elbows in the plank position. From there, you are to hold this position for as long as you physically can. While this activity can develop your arms, biceps, back and thighs, planking does wonders on your stomach.

2. Reduce stress: This may keep your body from producing more cortisol, a hormone known for increasing one’s appetite. Once triggered, cortisol can turn your food directly into belly fat. So it’s safe to say the less your stressed… the less fat below your chest. I tried to make that rhyme. A little complicated I know.

3. Drink water: Out of all the methods we’re listing in today’s video, this may be the most practical. Water is 100% calorie free! While it is not scientifically supported, most health professionals recommend an equivalent of 2 litres of water per day. Drinking enough water can trick your body into believing it’s ingesting food.

4. Do pilates: As your core goes to work, your traverses abdominis is targeted. This is a muscle located in your abdominal region that is normally very hard to reach. A good pilates workout will help you achieve your flat stomach goal quicker than expected, as it exercises both your internal and external obliques at the same time.

5. Eat fiber: It decreases the number of calories your able to absorb. It does this by slowing down food passing through your digestive tract.

6. Cut the carbs!: Keeping with the theme of diet, one must watch their carbohydrate intake if they are properly going to shed fat from their bellies. To put it simply, when trying to lose weight, refined carbs can be a devil in disguise. We don’t realize how much that odd slice of pizza or bowl of white rice is harming us.

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