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Massage Your Belly for 15 Minutes to Make It Flat

How to get a flat stomach? There is a massage technique that can flatten out a puffy stomach and smooth out pockets of fat around the mid-section. Not only that, it can help with constipation, menstrual cramps, and even boost your immune system.

Massage itself brings freshly oxygenated blood to your muscles and internal organs, thus improving your circulation and the function of these organs. And you can totally do it yourself from the comfort of your own home! The movements are very simple and can be performed every day. You can do them lying down or standing up in front of a mirror.

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– In a 2015 study conducted at Taiwan’s National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science, researchers had participants suffering from bloating and excess fluid retention do a 15-minute stomach massage twice a day. After just 3 days, the participants reported decreased abdominal bloating.
– When you’re first starting to do the massage, experts recommend going slow and being gentle with your body. If you find that some areas of your abdomen are a bit tender, lighten your pressure.
– Toxins in your body are released during massage. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you increase your intake of fluids, specifically water, during this time. This will help your body get rid of these released toxins more effectively and efficiently.
– Become your body’s cheerleader and try to get in a couple of 20-minute massages every day. You can do it when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.
– In terms of oils, it’s better to use olive oil or coconut oil. When you pour the oil on your hands, always rub them together to warm them up.
– Do not perform the massage right after eating or if you have a bad stomachache or the flu. If you perform the massages for menstrual cramp relief, keep in mind that they do increase blood flow.
– It’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before trying any at-home remedies like massage.
– Remember, these tummy massages aren’t just effective for flattening the belly. They can also help alleviate discomfort caused by problems like indigestion, constipation, gas, or PMS.

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