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How To Lose 30 Or More Pounds With These 3 Key Principles

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How To Lose 30lbs For Men (1:00)

The first step on your journey to lose 30 pounds for men, is to lose the first 5 pounds. In this video, I walk you through the 3 most important principles to get this done. The idea is to build sustainable habits that don’t make you lose weight, stop, and regain it all again. This information will help you for the long-term.

Principle #1 – Proper Sleep & Nutrition

Sleep (1:30)

When we talk about how to lose 30 pounds for men, most people are surprised when we suggest sleep as one of the most important things. It has been proven that people trying to lose weight, but not sleeping, are more likely to burn muscle instead of fat. As muscle is the main metabolic engine for your body, it needs to be sustained. Getting AT LEAST 7 hours of quality sleep per night will help you burn belly fat instead of muscle.

Nutrition (2:34)

When I talk about nutrition, I’m not talking about crash diets or short term fixes, I’m talking about a sustainable, long-term, weight loss meal plan. If you want to learn how to lose 30 or more pounds, you need to eat correctly portioned meals around every 4 hours through your waking day. This will get the correct number of calories on board to keep you in a calorie deficit and be in the correct portions of proteins, carbs, veggies, and healthy fats.

Principle #2 – Daily Activity (4:48)

The next step for a 30-pound weight loss for men over 40, is to get into a 30-minute daily walking habit. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to slave away in the gym to lose weight. Most times, doing 60-90 minute gym sessions when you’re starting out, leads to injury and muscle soreness. A simple, consistent habit of daily activity, combined with proper sleep and nutrition is enough to get the scales moving in the right direction.

Principle #3 – Formal Workouts (6:12)

Once you have your habit in place of 30-minutes daily activity, you can progress onto formal workouts. I recommend a workout that combines cardio with strength training, and to do 3 of these workouts per week. We have our effective 24-minute workout available at, which uses this exact principle.

Use these 3 principles over the next 1-3 months to lose 30 pounds or more and improve your health and fitness for you and your family. Go get ‘em!

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