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🤑 Is HealthyWage Legit? | Transformation Challenge | 💪Weight Loss Journey | 😎 Cali GRITS

Is HealthyWage legit? Yes! To get paid to lose weight in 2020, I joined transformation challenges! They were motivation for my 60 pound weight loss transformation! I used challenges to set goals to lose over 60 pounds and will provide exercise and nutrition tips used to win my HealthyWage challenge! You will lose weight fast because you are creating a caloric deficit each day. HealthyWage is the real deal!

I have struggled with losing weight for some time. I tried to workout at home and watch my calories with no avail! I have done fad diets in the past and lost weight fast, just to gain even more! Losing weight is easy! Maintaining weight loss is the real struggle.

I have lived in sunny Los Angeles for over a year and have NEVER been to the beach or pool because I was too embarrassed. My, wellness and self-esteem began to suffer, so I had to find a solution.

I had seen advertisements about 6 week fitness challenges and after visiting a few gyms, I joined my first challenge! The gym was Moses Fitness. This was not the typical gym with ellipticals and treadmills for the cardio! It was a barbell gym! There was a rower, skier, and 1 treadmill! Because the owner promised guaranteed results, I paid the accountability deposit and decided to use my money as my motivation! Through a combination of exercise (HIIT workouts and strength training), balanced nutrition and drinking over a gallon of water a day, I was able to lose over 20 pounds in 5 weeks and got a refund of my deposit!

Along my journey, I would always post my progress pictures and healthy meals on Facebook and Instagram and a friend asked me to check into HealthyWage. YES, but I needed to devise a plan! I used the refund from the first challenge to make my healthy wager.

The next gym was a treadmill and circuit gym called Pulse Fitness. I loved it because there was a lot of plyometrics workouts, kettle bells, dumbbells, resistance bands, steps and even boxing! I was addicted to challenges and they had become a part of my lifestyle! The before and after pictures made things more worthwhile. To see the results of the body transformation take place over time was addicting!

On the journey to winning my healthy wager, I needed motivation to reach my fitness goal, lose 60 pounds, decrease my body fat, come off of my high blood pressure medication and finally maintain a healthy lifestyle. My final challenge was at The Camp Transformation Center! This one was the toughest because be had to workout 5 days a week, post to Facebook and Yelp, and follow a strict FTDI eating plan. The gym consisted of crossfit style workouts with TRX bands, burpees, push ups, kettle bell swings, stationery bike, bench jumps, ropes, gliders, exercise balls, resistance bands and did I mention burpees! Total body workout each class! Whew! The eating plan was boring because I could not have my smoothies! TRAGIC! LOL! I was tired of people asking me if I was on a diet because of the food! Diet just means, Did I Eat Today! Most of the workouts were broken is so simple and easy, because of modifications when needed, that any man, woman, boy or girl could find success!

I woke up before sunset most days to get my workouts in because I had major goals. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and went walking on my “off days” to burn additional calories. The downside: I lost my booty, the story of my weight loss life!

Did I win successfully complete my last challenge at The Camp and get back my deposit?

Did I win my healthy wager?

Did I have pictures of my “receipts”?

Do you provide easy, simple tips for success?

Watch the entire video for answers?

Enjoy a story time or 10 throughout this video!

My next video will contain tips on how I was successful in crushing my fitness goals!

Tune in!💰

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