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Japanese Towel Method For Abs (Does It Do ANYTHING?)

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JAPANESE TOWEL METHOD FOR ABS (DOES IT DO ANYTHING?) // If you’ve heard that you can get abs in 10 days with the Japanese Towel Method, this video will break down all the claims. I give an evidence-based view about the fat loss and belly fat loss claims…I’m sure most of you will realize that it doesn’t work that way.

Yes, I actually did the japanese towel exercise for 10 days! I did this more to see how my back and hips would feel after the gentle stretching applied in the position. And periods of relation throughout the day are always helpful for stress reduction.

While it’s true that I don’t have much belly fat to lose (as many in the comments have pointed out), that doesn’t matter. If a weight loss method works, it produces the same effect…regardless of where you currently are.

Read the pinned comment if you actually think that the Japanese Towel Method worked for you (or someone you know). There’s a simple explanation.

I evaluate the 10 day ab challenge with the japanese towel method. This Japanese towel weight loss method was abs in 10 days on tiktok.

The Japanese towel exercise tiktok is a japanese towel method for weight loss. You’ll learn about abs in 10 days japanese. This is a Japanese method to lose weight using only a towel.

Wondering if it actually helps you get abs, improve posture, and reduce back pain? This Japanese Towel Method is a Japanese towel exercise for weight loss. I’ll tell you what science says about the claims.

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Japanese Towel Method For Abs (Does It Do ANYTHING?):

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