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Jennifer Aniston's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads

The phrase “America’s Sweetheart” gets thrown around a lot, but Jennifer Aniston certainly held that title for a long stretch starting in the ’90s, with her debut on Friends. Her character, Rachel Green, and even her character’s haircut, The Rachel, were pretty much loved by all. Aniston won a ton of awards for her performance as Green, and later went on to be a bona fide movie star, specializing in rom-coms and light comedies, naturally. She returned to TV in 2019 on The Morning Show, and all eyes are on her and the rest of the Friends cast as they reunite on HBO Max in June 2021. Jennifer Aniston’s transformation is seriously turning heads, even all these years later. Here’s a look back.

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Born a star | 0:00
High school for acting | 1:02
Early jobs | 1:41
Time off in her twenties | 2:33
Rachel | 3:10
An Emmy win | 4:07
Married to Brad Pitt | 4:51
Moving on from Friends | 5:41
Hollywood Walk of Fame | 6:26
No kids | 6:57
Married again | 7:42
Making the big bucks | 8:13
Crashing Instagram | 8:54
The Friends reunion | 9:51

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