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How to Lose Body Fat with a Low-Calorie Density Diet (and never be hungry!)

Tried everything and still not losing weight? These 3 tips will help you lose weight without counting calories. Calorie Density is the KEY. Click here to watch the other helpful Weight Loss videos in this series:


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Key points from this video:

1. Choose water over juices, sugary coffee drinks, soda, etc. You need fiber and water to keep you full.

2. Add in dark leafy greens to as many of your meals as possible. They are very low calorie density, at approximately 100 calories per pound. (and full of nutrients!) Adds greens in to your soups, dips and rice dishes means you are lowering the overall calorie density of your meals. *tip* buy a box of organic, prewashed spinach and throw a handful of it into your meals!

3. If you are going to indulge in cookies, cakes, candy, etc. Challenge yourself to eat an apple beforehand. THEN, if you still really want the junk food – you will likely consume a lot less than you would have otherwise.
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