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PhenQ Fat Burner Review – Does Caffeine Really Burn Fat?

PhenQ Fat Burner Review - Does Caffeine Really Burn Fat?


PhenQ promises your “ideal body quickly and easily” and contains an innovative mixture of traditional fat burner ingredients like cayenne pepper, and more unusual ones like α-Lacys RESET®. Does it live up to its promises?

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Calcium (230mg)
Chromium picolinate (80mg)

L-carnitine fumarate (150mg)
Caffeine anhydrous (100mg)
Nopal cactus fiber (20mg)
Capsimax™ Plus Blend (50mg)
(Caffeine anhydrous, Capsimax™ capsicum fruit extract (2% capsaicinoids), Niacin, Black pepper fruit extract (50% piperine))
α-Lacys RESET® (25mg)
(Combination of alpha-lipoic acid and L-cysteine)

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The best supported ingredients here are caffeine and Capsimax, which is a blend of capsaicin, black pepper, and niacin.

This amount of caffeine was seen in some studies to burn an extra 100 or so calories per day while Capsimax may decrease waist circumference, although some folks reported gastrointestinal distress.

It’s important to note that these effects are only really useful if you’re keeping an eye on your overall calorie intake.

The other star ingredient, α-Lacys RESET®, is a source of alpha lipoic acid. Some studies have found this to help with insulin sensitivity an appetite control, but they usually find these results when taking 800 milligrams of it and there’s just 25mg per pill of PhenQ.

Otherwise the calcium may help with fat excretion and the chromium picolinate may help reduce waist circumference.

*** See our full review for a more in-depth discussion and to read more about the studies we used to make our claims: ***


If you buy one bottle of pills you’re looking at about .15 to .50 per day, but if you get two bottles at a time you get a third for free, dropping the price to about .55 per day.

This is pricier than the average fat burner, which is usually about per day, but I think PhenQ has better dosages than the average fat burner.



– Good dose of Capsimax™
– May boost fat oxidation
– May boost thermogenesis
– Source of calcium


– Contains caffeine
– Some ingredients seem underdosed
– Not much focus on appetite control

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