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The Best SCAM in the Fitness Industry – Sculpt Nation BURN Review!

Some real talk and plenty of sass about the worst side of the fitness industry and the unnecessary, harmful supplements that get promoted!
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Shredded Sport Science breaks down why Fat Burners are useless in this video

Healthline links for:


Yohimbine –

Rauwolscine – doesn’t exist because there is such little information about it…

Link to the Full ScultpNation Burn Sales Pitch, plus their “supporting” references

The study claiming fat reduced by 46.4% but that’s not what was actually reported but did confirm that body composition didn’t change
And, finally, the article “supporting” that concludes “Therefore, although it is clear that TRPV1 plays a role in energy homeostasis without improved knowledge of the fundamental physiological mechanisms involved and the interactions with other systems it is impossible to target this system for the treatment of obesity, the maintenance of weight loss and the metabolic diseases associated with obesity.”

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