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Trisha Yearwood's Transformation Is Seriously Turning Heads

The 1991 single “She’s In Love With The Boy” became a #1 hit on the Billboard country singles chart and made Trisha Yearwood into an instant country music star. Since her breakout hit she has sold over 15 million records and won three Grammy Awards.

She’s best remembered for singing her version of the single “How Do I Live,” but besides her music career Yearwood has also become a culinary sensation. She has sold three successful cookbooks while her television series, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, has won a Daytime Emmy Award.

Her career transformation from country music star to culinary queen is turning heads. Whether she’s belting out tunes or cooking up a storm Yearwood sure knows how to entertain.

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Born with an obsession | 0:00
College co-ed | 1:09
Getting the coffee | 1:46
Marrying into the industry | 2:25
A divorce and a debut | 2:55
Hot seller | 3:48
Finding love again | 4:41
Marrying her best friend | 5:30
Becoming a “bonus mom” | 6:42
Trisha can cook! | 7:34
Helping those in need | 8:39
Food Network debut | 9:29
Every Girl | 10:11
Whatever the future holds | 11:05

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