Jul 15, 2021 Lose 20 Lbs In A Month

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How do you lose 20 pounds in 20 days?

Is it that easy? Or is this extreme?

If you follow the key tips I give you in this video, you can expect to: lose 20 pounds fast, lose fat fast, lose belly fat, and get the body you deserve.

Stop asking questions like: how do i lose weight, how can i lose weight fast, how do i lose belly fat, how to drop fat fast, why am i overweight… simply watch this video and TAKE ACTION.

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20 thoughts on “LOSE 20 POUNDS in 20 DAYS”
  1. Giving away 5 EXTRA copies to the best/authentic response: Why are you looking to lose 20 pounds?😮

  2. the best that i found to loose quick pounds per month was doing a good cardio workout , sweating and sweating and burning fat , but we are all different at the end of the day .

  3. Even tho I lost lots weight I gotta lose more n gain muscle. I'll let everyone know where am at in 20 days. Am like 169 pounds right now and had gallbladder removal surgery April 30th so it's why my weight loss plan changed.

  4. AS a college wrestler lived my life this way losing 17 pounds 1 1/2 it did take a tole on me

  5. Until this dude says calories in calories out is the only way to lose weight, he's a bullshit artist. Quinoa and sweet potato do not break the laws of thermodynamics

  6. And then put it all back on in 10 days, uttter bullshit do not do these types of crash diets, one they arent good for your major organs, 2 you will put it all and more back on. Simply you cant out train a bad diet however its relatively easy to remain in a healthy calorrie deficit, try losing no more than 3lb per week for longterm success

  7. I’m on keto. Dropped 13 lbs in 2 months. No sugar, low carbs, healthy fats. I play pickleball almost everyday. I sleep well. How do I accelerate the weight loss?

  8. This is what's wrong with Youtube. Total shit content. This is water. Since it would take a 150,000 cal deficit over a measly 20 days to get rid of fat…It's 7500 cal a day…Seriously stop making this shit.

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